Fleurieu Arthouse
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environmental artist / goldsmith

A trained designer, jeweller and metalsmith, her practice ranges across a variety of fields from the design and fabrication of precious objects for personal adornment to drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture and installation.  After a decade in London as a prominent jewellery designer and goldsmith, she returned to her homeland, to settle in the remote north west of Kangaroo Island.  Tilbrook’s earthy, organic treasures are intricately fashioned from found materials and recycled gold with a sentiment of colonialism.  Exploring cultural values with a focus on environmental preservation, inspired by her conservation practices.   Awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize at the South Australian Museum in 2012 and a finalist in the 2018 exhibition. Her work is held in international private and national public collections, including the National Archives in Canberra.  She is currently working on a new collection of precious wearable ornaments.


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grown to heal, nurture and nourish

As a family we harvest raw medicinal Ligurian bee honey and propolis from pristine native vegetation,  rich in Mallee, Melaleuca and Tea Tree on Kangaroo Island.  Our honey is extracted from wooden hives, spun or cold pressed and lightly sieved to retain the propolis and wax cappings. We handcraft salves and rubs in small batches with our organically grown flowers, herbs and natives rich in vitamins, blended with our beeswax and our award winning ‘Wild Harvest Olive Oil’ from the Fleurieu Peninsula.


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wildlife conservation artist

I am greatly concerned with the conservation of wildlife and their habitat throughout Australia and worldwide. It is my mission to be a voice for the voiceless through my arts practice as I feel more needs to be done to preserve these great creatures for future generations.

Working in both charcoal pencil and oil paint, my pieces are highly detailed in a hyperrealistic style. When approaching my work I want the viewer to relate to the animal, see the world through their eyes and resonate with the struggles these creatures are facing due to habitat loss, illegal poaching etc. It is important that I can create a sense of empathy from the viewer. It is my belief that with empathy, there is care and once we care we are more likely to change.

Apart from creating, I also love to teach charcoal drawing workshops.

If you would like to follow my journey please sign up to my mailing list at www.brookewalker.com.au or follow me on Instagram @brookewalkerart and facebook brooke.walker.art.

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Aboriginal Artist

Known as Micky,  Aboriginal artist, basket weaver and homewares artist.

I inherit my Aboriginality from my mother who is a Kokatha woman.

Stylistically I use traditional dotting in my artwork and incorporate symbols and colours learnt from my grandmother and mother.

My work comprises of acrylics on canvas, wood burning on Ironbark timber, basket weaving using natural fibres and raffia.

Some of my work comprises of commission pieces and special customer orders. I also teach basket weaving and frequently run classes and workshops.


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visual artist

At the heart of Eileen’s art practise is a love of nature. Through her paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, Eileen hopes to focus people’s attention on the natural environment to show it’s beauty and fragility in the face of climate change and the loss of open and green space.
Eileen also organises art classes for children and teenagers and casual art groups for adults on Tuesdays.



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visual artist

Inspired by a reverence for the natural world, Sarah’s work seeks to capture the fleeting sense that we exist as part of nature’s rhythm, not separate from it.
Through her creative practice Sarah aims to reveal the unseen qualities that are hidden beneath the tangible elements of life. There is a wildness to her process: at some point the artist’s intention is abandoned and the essence of the work is allowed to come to life in unique and unpredictable ways, allowing the beautiful and unexpected to emerge in a special kind of natural alchemy. 


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printmaker / painter

Elizabeth is a printmaker and painter residing in Maslin Beach. Among her qualifications are Batchelor of Fine Art, Master of Visual Art and Post Graduate in Art History. Elizabeth has been employed as an instructor in Printmaking, Design, Leather-craft and Painting. The past few years Elizabeth has concentrated on experimenting with various techniques in printmaking and painting.

Having the opportunity to be one of the inaugural studio artists at Sauerbier House Cultural Exchange, City of Onkaparinga, Port Noarlunga in 2015, gave me the opportunity to research further my roots, having lived and loved growing up at Port Noarlunga.

At the moment Elizabeth is experimenting with texture, pattern and print.


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indian ink illustration on paper

There are extraordinary stories behind the diversity of life on Earth today. I use art as an investigative tool to broaden my understanding of the (pre)history and the fragility of the life and culture that surrounds me wherever I go. The experiences I have had while traveling the world have captured my imagination and fueled a hunger to find out more, so that I can better translate my encounters with other life forms to my creative process at home in South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula. It is my intention to keep the character of both the subject matter, and the culture alive in each piece through intricate line work in pen and ink, inspired by the many ways that different cultures around the world have traditionally used patterns.


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Ursula is a writer. She loves words and their endless combinations, the pictures they paint, the rhythms they make and the thoughts they can inspire! At the moment her favourite genres are children’s stories and poetry. She enjoys the challenge of incorporating both depth of meaning with the short word limit these forms offer.

Ursula was surrounded by books from as far back as she can remember – they were beautiful, with wonderful stories and marvellous pictures which have certainly coloured her career over the past 20 years. Her storytelling format over this time has been diverse, working in live performance, circus arts, youth arts, review and article writing as well as poetry and creative writing. She is full of gratitude for the play, invention, physicality, rhythm, short stories and tall tales that all the kids, big and small, past and present, have afforded her.